What We Strive For With DPC



One of the main reasons I decided to make this huge career change into a Direct Primary Care practice was to give patients what they deserve from their doctor….time. One of my patients that followed me from my old practice has allowed me to post this wonderful testimonial she wrote on Facebook on Friday. Many thanks to her for doing so. This is an example of what true patient and doctor satisfaction are about:


“Today I had my first official appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Gold at Gold Direct Care. It was a phenomenal experience. His new office space is beautifully decorated and comfortable. Dr. Gold spent quite awhile with me, answering numerous questions and making me feel, as he always does, at ease. Has anyone ever gone to their primary care doctor and been greeted with: “Would you like some coffee or tea?” My visit was an experience- not rushed, not pressured to hurry up. If you want a primary care doctor who sincerely cares about you and your family and is in the practice of medicine to do just that, then you have to meet with Dr. Gold and see what Direct Primary Care is all about.”

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  1. This form of DPC is extremely useful as a student too. As a student most of my days are packed full of things that I have to do, and being away from home for such long periods sometimes my health comes second. But this new form of healthcare has allowed me to email Dr. Gold, and describe my symptoms, even for something as simple as a headache, and get the adequate help I need, even if its something as simple as directing me to do more exercise.

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